• Doctor Recommended Ingredient: The main ingredient in Sterilin is nonoxynol 9 (N-9), the spermicide doctors recommended most for the prevention of pregnancy. Sterilin's main ingredient kills sperms on contact.
  • No Hormones: Sterilin is hormone-free. There are no hormonal side effects, like those associated with birth control pills. Sterilin may be purchased without а prescription and used with confidence as often as needed. The Sterilin brand has been used by millions of women throughout the U.S. and Europe for over 15 years.
  • No Messy Applicators: Sterilin is approximately as effective as jellies, creams and foams. But Sterilin has no applicator - here is nothing to measure, fill or clean. And unlike diaphragms or sponges, Sterilin leaves nothing to remove later.
  • Maximum Spontaneity for Both Partners: Sterilin is easy to insert. It takes only а moment and can be inserted as much as one hour before use, so it does not interfere with spontaneity.
  • Colorless and Odorless: Sterilin is colorless and odorless; it is as pleasant to use as it is effective.
  • Individually Wrapped: Women like Sterilin because each insert is individually wrapped and can be easily and discreetly carried in а pocket or purse.

Nonoxynol 9       100 mg


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