by Four Ventures Enterprises, Inc. in Los Angeles, CA.

Duties:   Research and analyze the pharmaceutical industry, in the U.S. and globally, to identify need for existing and/or new products that will increase Four Ventures’ share in the target market.  Consult with partners on market research objectives and develop strategies to achieve optimum results.  Monitor and review industry data to identify appropriate pharmaceutical products for the target market.  Assist management in analyzing and negotiating contracts with other U.S. pharmaceutical manufacturers for production of new formulations, including due dates for production schedules relating to packaging recaps, label specifications, and promotional materials, to ensure compliance with pharmaceutical product requirements. Develop recommendations for formulation of new nutritional supplements and products and advice on potential chemical composition and qualifications to make products eligible for the target market.  Assist with product development and drug qualification process by gathering and analyzing customer preferences and needs.  Review, analyze and edit pharmaceutical dossiers for products marked for the Russian Federation and other export markets, in order to maintain regulatory compliance.  Coordinate with sales/marketing and production personnel regarding Four Ventures’ product development, sales and marketing activities in order to identify and evaluate customer preferences.  Evaluate effectiveness of marketing and advertising campaigns based on revenue generation, cost-to-benefit ratio (CBR) analysis, and customer product satisfaction.  Analyze available data on product specifications, chemical composition/formula, qualities and effects and recommend changes, as necessary, to ensure export approval for the target pharmaceutical market.  Work with graphics designer to assess market effectiveness of proposed packaging and to determine the best components for each product.

Requirements:  Master’s degree or equivalent in Pharmacy, Pharmaceutical Science or a related field, plus one (1) year of market research or related sales/marketing experience, conducting market research and analysis to increase sales; advising on market penetration strategies; developing promotional materials to market new and/or existing products; and overseeing product development processes.  Must have experience working in the pharmaceutical business/industry.

Send resume to: Ed Minkovski, 1600 Sawtelle Blvd., Ste. 200, Los Angeles, CA 90025 or 8235 Santa Monica Blvd., #205, Los Angeles, CA 90046.  You may also fax your application to (310) 477-0810.


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